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“Not Guilty” Vindicates Client Arrested for a DUI

Orem, UT:  Police officers may be gatekeepers of the criminal justice system, but they’re also just like us.  That means, sometimes they can be wrong, like when our client was wrongly arrested for a DUI. Funny thing—Mr. Brenner hadn’t had anything to drink that day.  Because of medications he was taking, he couldn’t drink.  Mr. Brenner […]


Utah Violent Crime increased in 2012, but far below the national average

In 2011-2012, violent crime rose in all areas of the country, (except for the Northeast) by an average of 1.6%. In Utah, however, violent crime only increased .38% (latest data available in the the Semi-Annual Crime in Utah Report).


Is a Private Attorney Better than a Public Defender?

Utah has delegated the responsibility of providing criminal defense services for the poor, to the counties. This means that, within the state, each county decides the budget and quality of legal care provided to you. The quality of your legal counsel may vary greatly from county to county. In 2010, the ACLU issued a report […]


Attacking Field Sobriety Tests

You can fail a field sobriety test for a variety of reasons, even if you are not legally intoxicated.  Field sobriety tests are difficult. And if you’re tired, uncoordinated, and anxious, you may not pass The prosecutor’s introduction of the horizontal gaze nystagmus test may present your Salt Lake City DUI lawyer with a good […]


Cross-Examination in DUI Cases

With respect to the cross-examination phase of DUI hearings, an experienced Salt Lake DUI lawyer will generally already have a plan in mind that will be consistent with his or her presentation that was made during the opening statement.  Cross-examinations have a specific function and all witnesses can be cross-examined (even though some cross-examinations will […]


DUI Cases and the Arresting Officer’s Description of You

If you were arrested for driving under the influence inSalt Lake City, the law enforcement officer making the arrest most likely took extensive notes about how you appeared at the time of the arrest. Often, he will fill out a form called an Alcohol Influence Report, where he records his observations about your physical appearance […]


The Administration of the One-Leg Stand Test

The one-leg-stand test is one in which a suspect is required to stand on one leg while placing the other leg out in front of him or her. The police officer  must give the test in a certain manner for it to be valid.  Thus, if you believe that you were subjected to a test […]


How Can a Criminal Conviction Affect Your Immigration Status?

According to the law, a conviction for crimes, such as fraud, theft, certain drug crimes, rape or assault, can be grounds for deportation. Moreover, for certain crimes, you can be permanently barred from entering the US in the future. Whether you are an undocumented person or a permanent legal resident, a criminal conviction can mean […]


Can My DUI Record Be Expunged?

“Expungement” is a term that can mean different things in different court systems, but in general terms, it refers to the sealing and destruction of arrest and/or conviction information. Normally in the state of Utah, you can begin the process of getting a DUI record expunged by filing the appropriate petition with the district court […]


How Will a Plea Deal Benefit Me?

Plea deals are a process by which you and your Salt Lake City DUI attorney work out a satisfactory resolution of your case with the prosecutor, subject to the court’s approval, without the necessity of a trial. Plea deals typically allow you to plead guilty to a lesser offense, or perhaps to only one or […]