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We are experienced criminal trial attorneys who know how to win your case!  At Liberty Law, we often defend against a variety of criminal charges, including burglary, drugs, domestic violence, homicide, outstanding warrants, sexual violence and weapons possession. Regardless of the charges filed against you, Utah Liberty Law will get your charges dismissed whenever possible.

We offer payment plans so you can have the best legal defense, with pricing you can afford. Hiring our experienced criminal defense attorneys can make the difference between serving jail time and walking free.

You will feel in control of your case, because we make sure you understand the charges against you.  Don’’t go into a legal proceeding alone. For a free consultation, call our experienced criminal defense attorneys today: 801-264-6666.

Here are some of our victories just from the past year:

Felony False Prescription Drug- Case dismissed; no conviction

Possession of Marijuana-Case dismissed; no conviction

Lewdness involving minor- Client found Not Guilty at jury trial

Felony Drug Distribution-Charge reduced to a misdemeanor simple possession of marijuana

Felony Unlawful Conduct and Negligent Homicide-Homicide charge dismissed and Unlawful Conduct was reduced to a misdemeanor

Driving under the Influence (DUI)-Client found Not Guilty at jury trial  

We were awarded Clients’ Choice in 2013 by AVVO.com (a third-party evaluator of attorneys)

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